Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

Jurnal Benefita focuses on publishing economic research results everywhere, issues published by Benefita covering the development of economics and regional financial development, management and business, accounting, technological and economic knowledge, focusing on management and business, economic development, accounting, state owned enterprise, International Trade, Public Finance, and other economic applications.

Jurnal Benefita is open to academic circles and university researchers, research institutes, librarians, graduate and postgraduate students to share information on research results. Benefita is positioned as a forum for academics and practitioners to share scientific information about research results.


Section Policies


You can easily go to new webstie link HERE. You must register first to make a submission.

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Peer Review Process

Any manuscript submitted through an online process and reviewed by a partner will determine whether the manuscript is loaded or not in this journal. The reviewer for each submitted manuscript is 2 reviewers and are assisted pre-assessment by a team of editors who have the appropriate knowledge or expertise. The review process will be conducted for 3 weeks. The reviewer's review is done by considering the track record of research that has been published at the national and international level.

Review Process of Manuscript: Initial Review

  1. Read the abstract to be sure that you have the expertise to review the article. Don’t be afraid to say no to reviewing an article if there is good reason.
  2. Read information provided by the journal for reviewers so you will know: a) The type of manuscript (e.g., a review article, technical note, original research) and the journal’s expectations/parameters for that type of manuscript.; b) Other journal requirements that the manuscript must meet (e.g., length, citation style).
  3. Know the journal’s scope and mission to make sure that the topic of the paper fits in the scope.
  4. Ready? Read through entire manuscript initially to see if the paper is worth publishing- only make a few notes about major problems if such exist: a) Is the question of interest sound and significant?; b) Was the design and/or method used adequate or fatally flawed? (for original research papers); c) Were the results substantial enough to consider publishable (or were only two or so variables presented or were results so flawed as to render the paper unpublishable)?
  5. What is your initial impression? If the paper is: a) Acceptable with only minor comments/questions: solid, interesting, and new; sound methodology used; results were well presented; discussion well formulated with Interpretations based on sound science reasoning, etc., with only minor comments/questions, move directly to writing up review; b) Fatally flawed so you will have to reject it: move directly to writing up review; c) A mixture somewhere in the range of “revise and resubmit” to “accepted with major changes” or you’re unsure if it should be rejected yet or not: It may be a worthy paper, but there are major concerns that would need to be addressed.


Publication Frequency

Jurnal Benefita are published collectively 3 times a year Editions are published every February, July, October.


Open Access Policy

Jurnal Benefita provides open access which means that all content is available free of charge at no charge to users or agencies. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link full-text texts, or use them for other legitimate purposes, without prior permission from publishers or authors.