Pengembangan Sistem Informasi Geografis Untuk Pendonor Darah Tetap di Bandar Lampung dengan Algoritma Dijkstra berbasis Android

Syaiful Ahdan(1*), Setiawansyah Setiawansyah(2)

(1) Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia
(2) Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia
(*) Corresponding Author


Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI) is a government agency whose job is to provide blood for the needy.PMI has a relationship with registered hospitals, the aim is to make it easier to provide blood stocks that patients need.The problem is the availability of blood stock that the patient needs when it runs out, so the solution is that the patient must find blood donors independently to meet blood needs.The difficulty of the patient in finding the required blood stock is a problem that will be discussed in this study.The contribution in this research is to design an information system that can find blood donors in the Bandar Lampung area with gelocation technology and using the dijkstra algorithm in determining the closest route to build using the Android platform.The system built can recommend donors to patients who need blood according to the patient's qualifications.The result obtained is a geographic information system of blood donors using the dijkstra algorithm which has the ability to map the location of permanent blood donors based on the access's location.Based on the test results, this system can map regular blood donors and make recommendations for blood donors for those in need. Testing the system using the ISO 9126 standard using two test characteristics, the results obtained are: in the aspect of functionality, the result is 100%, on the usability aspect the result is 85%.

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Sistem Pendonor Darah, Teknologi Geolokasi, Algoritma Dijkstra, Android Geolokasi

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