Jurnal Ipteks Terapan

Journal Ipteks Terapan (JIT) is a journal published four times a year containing the discipline of science and applied science and technology. The journal focuses on publishing unpublished original research results anywhere such as:

  1. the research result on applied science and education such as: curriculum development and learning, character education, technology and instructional innovation, and learning evaluation.
  2. the research result on applied science and technolgy suh as: the development of applied technology and applied arts, appropriate technology, designing information systems, 
  3. the research result on applied science and economic development
  4. the research result on applied science and public health.

Any manuscripts submitted through the online process and reviewed by the partner bebestari will determine whether the manuscripts are publish or not.

Journal Ipteks Terapan has been indexed in the following literature databases : DOAJ (Directory Open Access Journal)Google Scholar, IPI Portal Garuda, OCLC WorldCat, ONESearch IndonesiaBielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE), OpenAIRE, Crossref DOI, Science and Technology Index (SINTA), and Scientific Indexing Service (SIS). EBSCO. Arjuna

Journal Ipteks Terapan is Open Access.

Online ISSN : 2460-5611 | Print ISSN : 1979-9292

Jurnal Ipteks Terapan, Kopertis Wilayah X



Article Criteria

Dear Authors

to improve the quality of publications in this journal, for the next edition the article submitted must be in English and attach the results of plagiarism check when submitting the article

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Posted: 2020-06-05

Article submission in English

Dear readers, authors, JIT reviewers,
In an effort to prepare JIT towards international certification and indexed Scopus, starting from volume 14 number 1, 2020, the JIT Editorial Board prioritizes submitting articles that are already in English, to be published.
Posted: 2020-01-01
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Vol 14, No 3 (2020): JIT

Table of Contents


Celine Celine,
Bram Raharjo,
Lindawati Lindawati,
Muhammad Nawi Purba
Pristiyanilicia Putri,
Havid Syafwan,
Febri Dristyan
Junianti Theodora,
Widya Sari,
Micheal Chandra,
Nadia Tamara,
Tahnia Tahnia,
Kevin Kevin
Tabita Octaria Simanjuntak,
Rosdiana Febrina Sari Siregar,
Dina Wati Simbolon,
Mohd Nawi Purba